• Messaging Strategy
  • Copywriting (Long format, broadcast, print)
  • Creative Concepting
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Broadcast production supervision


  • Digital & SEO Strategy
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Consumer Behavior & Insights
  • Website Strategy & Development


  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Building
  • Internal Branding
  • Customer Profile Development


  • Partnership Marketing
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Business Plan and Marketing Plan Development
  • Event Marketing
  • Green Marketing
  • Nonprofit Sustainability


  • Etcetera Journals
  • iAGE Channel


  • In-house Video Editing Facilities
  • In-house Audio Facilities

MEDIA (Online, Offline)

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Buying
  • Post Analysis


  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Content Creation


It is our existing clients’ belief in us that is the true measure of our value. We work with the best in class in almost every category: Education, Energy, Media, Non-Profit, QSR, Retail, Professional Services, Senior Market, Real Estate, Transportation, Travel & Tourism.

Philosophy & Advantage

We practice kaizen—continually improving and learning.


  • Creativity is a life philosophy and part of our business model, not just what we do.
  • We engage in activities that create the future and make the world a better place to live.
  • We are passionate about our culture of creating and exchanging.
  • We partner with the best in class and work with the media, production companies, finance and insurance firms and other service providers in the spirit of partnership.
  • We practice kaizen—continually improving and learning.

Core Group One’s organizational philosophy is “big brains, small machine.” Our staffing approach is to hire individuals skilled in multiple areas. It is a zero-hierarchy model designed for direct accountability, speed and efficiency. Everyone is accountable to each other and everyone is accountable to our clients and business partners. At Core Group One, a core team of individuals work across disciplines. The team works with 8-12 other art directors, designers, copywriters, production artists, account managers and video directors in Hawaii and on the U.S. mainland. Having a flexible and adaptive talent pool is essential to resonating with ever-changing customer lifestyles and preferences. This set-up brings diversity, different points of view, age and gender-specific sensibilities and unique skills to our work, along with a more efficient and value-added cost structure for clients.

Competitive Advantage

CREATIVE TRUST drives us. Our clients give us tremendous space and encouragement to create advertising and marketing solutions that are leading edge. This trust comes from delivering results, in addition to creativity and imagination.

A BALANCED AND DIVERSE PORTFOLIO OF CLIENTS affords Core Group One best practices across industries and protects us against catastrophic events within a single category.

IN-HOUSE VIDEO EDITING FACILITIES give Core Group One the ability to make timely revisions and respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances on behalf of its clients, in addition to the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and digital innovations with no hard costs.

CGO TALENT GROUP (Core Group One’s consortium of design partners, copywriters, account managers, public relations consultants, video directors, technology geeks and other contractors in Hawai‘i and on the U.S. mainland) affords Core Group One a diverse and broad range of skills with no overhead, and in turn provides clients with fresh, world class services at no additional charge.

About Core Group One

Big Brains, Small Machine.


Locally owned and operated in Honolulu, Hawaii, Core Group One, Inc. was established in July 2005 by Emi Anamizu and Jim Horiuchi to acquire Ogilvy & Mather Hawaii, Inc. Wanting to divest itself of the advertising business in Hawaii, WPP Group (the London-based parent company of Ogilvy & Mather) offered Emi and Jim the opportunity to purchase the company. Emi was the CEO and Jim was Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather before the transition. Core Group One opened its doors on September 1, 2005. In January 2013, Hendrix Miyasaki Shin joined Core Group One, bringing together best practices in branding strategy, creative services, account management, new/social and traditional media and marketing.

Core Group One’s affiliated companies include CGO Digital (Core Group One’s in-house video editing facility), CGO Green (a sustainable ideas company), CGO Talent Group (Core Group One’s consortium of design partners, copywriters, account managers, public relations consultants, video directors, technology geeks and other contractors) and CGO Investments (a holding company for real estate investment).


team 1

Emi Anamizu – Chief Executive Officer

Emi worked in San Francisco and Los Angeles before moving back to Hawaii for positions with Martin & Associates Advertising and Ogilvy & Mather Hawaii. She has over 25 years of business and strategic marketing experience. She has Master’s degrees from the USC Annenberg School of Communication and USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.
team 1

Jim Horiuchi – President

Jim has over 30 years of marketing experience as Writer, Creative Director, Account Director and Director of Strategy at advertising agencies from coast to coast: McCann-Erickson and InterCommunications in Los Angeles and McCaffrey and McCall in New York, as well as Peck Sims Mueller in Honolulu.
team 1

Jeff Hendrix – Vice President

Jeff provides clients 25 years of marketing and advertising experience, having served on both the client and agency side. He is known for his warmth, integrity and wizardly way of bringing together marketing partners. He was previously with Peck Sims Mueller and a partner with HMS Advertising. Jeff was named Ad Man of the year in 2001.

team 1

Grant Miyasaki – Creative Director

Grant can be counted on for developing ideas that are innovative and out-of-the-box, yet is finely targeted. The result is advertising that is striking, memorable and relevant. He was previously with Ogilvy & Mather Hawaii, Peck Sims Mueller and a partner with HMS Advertising. Grant has received numerous awards and honors, including Ad Man of the Year in 2006.


team 1

Leah Shigemura

Navigating through the data-driven digital world requires a unique set of talents. Leah is an innovative thinker who brings financial discipline, IT experience and innate creativity to our digital marketing initiatives. Leah has a masters in accounting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and worked at a large public accounting firm prior to joining Core Group One. She plays tennis to hone her speed and agility.


Core Group One, Inc.

Phone: (808) 440-9421